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One of the best ways to know about a country club atmosphere, is to ask the members! Our members understand the benefits of a club that is more than just a facility, but also a community and in-town getaway.

Kent and Robin Jennings
"The people, the setting and the 4 star golf resort amenities make Shadow Hills the best quality of life decision that we have ever made."

Patric Miller
"I started playing golf in 2007, and after "getting hooked" on the game, started playing more than 100 rounds a year. I played every local course, and belonged to another country club for a while, but found "home" when making the switch to Shadow Hills in 2009. Unlimited golf and range balls on an award-winning course was the reason I joined...the amazing members and Shadow Hills community is why I stayed.

Shawn Bokn
What Shadow Hills means to me is: Happy Husband =Healthier Longer Life!

Amy & Rod Lathrop
Shadow Hills Country club is our home when we are not at our own home. It is our "Cheers" place, the place where 'everybody knows our name' and always greets us with a welcoming smile! SHCC makes us feel young, active and engaged every single day - which is exactly what we are looking for! Matter of fact, we love it so much, last year we moved to be closer to SHCC!! Thank you so much SHCC management team and ALL of our members for being such a great place to spend our time!!!

Jim Hukill
When I first joined SHCC in 1991, it was all about golf. It was a group of golf buddies that joined together in the company membership category and later joined as regular members. Then as I met more of the members, I realized what a fun, diverse group that we have. It is like a large family. And my family has also been exposed to this special place. All 5 of my grandkids have been through Jr. Golf Camp, even the youngest 5-year-old granddaughter.

My wife and I have enjoyed the many couples activities from golf to bridge over the years, attended weddings, memorials and recently swimming lessons for our 8 yr. and 5 yr.old grand children. And all through this, golf, golf. As much as I can play.

I have been able to contribute to the club from painting the old building, working golf tournaments, to sand and seed parties And then being on the Membership Committee for over 10 years has been special. Being part of not only maintaining the club, but, also building it through bringing in new members. Our wonderful staff is able to project and maintain the special SHCC "welcoming and family" not only to members, but guests too. If you enjoy golf and being part of the welcoming Shadow Hills family, you belong here.

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